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transformed, she assumes her white hair at the dawn of her 60th birthday

At the dawn of his 60th birthday, the interpreter of “brunettes do not count for plums” has decided to assume his gray and white hair. A new dawn for Lio which was very noticed on February 10, 2022 during the TV creations festival in Luchon.

Lio: a new hair color assumed by the singer.

For a good number of women, white hair is still synonymous with old age, not always assumed. And yet graying locks and white hair can happen at any age. Emotional, genetic shock, we are not all equal on this subject. For Lio, like many women in the public eye, the year of her 60th birthday will be the year in which she fully assumes herself, gray hair included. And the least we can say is that this polar and luminous color looks great on her.

A new cut for a new stage

For a few years now, the singer and actress has been alternating between brown colors and others that hint at graying locks. This time she cut to the quick by making her first public appearance “au natural”.

In 2017 she gave an interview to L’Obs in which she mentioned her hair “Already, at 27, I had a lock of white hair. At that age, we do lots of colors, we try things, we have fun”.

However, her hair color caused a lot of ink to flow at the time. She explains that people often told her “You are an example of vitality for people your age, and all of a sudden you arrive, and you take the blow of being old”.

Lio: “I’m not afraid of growing old”

A reality of passing time that is much more difficult for others to accept.

“Me, however, I’m not afraid of growing old, and of saying it. It’s funny because it makes everyone’s shields go up. It’s one of those good-looking corsets that makes you miss out on positive self-affirmation. Yes, aging is difficult, it must be said too. But frankly, next to “it’s difficult”, it’s also exciting, it’s magnificent, I want to live old as long as possible. I never tire of looking at the world around me, I want to see my great-grandchildren. she always confides to the Obs.

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