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Treat yourself to an express homemade manicure with Manucurist

What is the concept of Manucurist?

First of all, Manucurist is not just a brand of varnishes and nail products, quite the contrary. It is one of the brands that advocates “clean beauty” or responsible beauty, i.e. vegan products, made in France, cruelty free and without toxic products. In short, products that are good for us and for our planet.

What are the essentials for a perfect manicure?

If you have already tested it, you must have fallen in love with semi-permanent varnish. This varnish, which is dried using a UV lamp, resists our daily lives better than any conventional varnish. We therefore love to book a pose with our favorite beautician but repeatedly, this represents a sacred budget. So, whether you’re short on time, money or just want to wear nails without harmful products, Manucurist has several boxes for you:

  • If you are starting from 0, we recommend the Addict Green Flash pencil case which includes everything you need to start: base and top coat, lamp (choice of slim or pro), varnish, files, emollient, cuticle pusher… Everything to become an expert in the field!
  • Those who already know a little more about it and who know how to take care of their nails, file them in rounded squares and nourish them with oil but who generally do not have time to devote an entire afternoon to it will be delighted with the Green Flash Box. It contains top and base coat, a foldable lamp, two colors of nail polish as well as solvent water and removal pliers.
  • Those who really don’t have time to go to the beautician will be delighted by the Kit Pro Flash Green which promises a dream manicure in just 20 minutes with the same elements as the Green Flash Box, except for just one color of nail polish (that’s good, you only use nude).

Whichever kit you choose, with Manucurist products you can be sure of well-groomed hands with a pose that will last up to 10 days. And with a little practice, you will quickly become an expert manicure, we promise!

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