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unlikely, according to TikTok this 2022 fashion trend is at Decathlon!

More than a source of inspiration, fun or pastime, TikTok has become in the space of just a few years, the favorite social network of Gen Z and millennials, on which countless tips of all kinds. And this time, it’s a highly special find promoted by TikTokeuses and TikTokeurs, who are very proud to introduce their new purchase.

The object of desire? One cargo pants that the latter obtained not from a classic ready-to-wear brand, but at the hunting radius of Decathlon. The proof is, you just have to type “ Decathlon cargo on the platform to see that this utilitarian garment has indeed gone viral on social networks.

Decathlon’s cargo pants are the fashion trend to get urgently according to TikTok

Sold as one hunting pants resistant on the site of the sports equipment manufacturer, this cargo Decathlon surprisingly has enough to seduce an audience of fashionistas. While its DNA retains its own military look, these robust trousers are adorned with multipockets that make its signature. Moreover, this must have singular at the price of 19 euros is all the more accessible, and comes in four colors ranging from khaki, to coffee, through black and gray. A star trend of TikTok; which finally sheds its primary function to delight the fashionable aura of style experts.

If you’re looking for low-rise cargo, go to Decathlon. », “The quest for the best cheap cargo together!! We find her ! After crossroads it’s Decathlon. ” or ” Go for it they are at 19€, they are incredible! “, can we read in captions of more and more videos on TikTok.

Visibly when they fall, these hunting pants seem to meet both the expectations of hunting enthusiasts and those of new generations of fashionistas. An advice ? Take a look at the quilted jackets the radius peachbefore they too become victims of their own success.

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