Monday, January 10, 2022

updated on Monday 10 January 2022

We found the black Saint Laurent dress that all the stars are wearing for LESS than 40 euros!

Hailey Bieber, Camille Razat, or even Léna Situations… The stars swear by this strapless Saint Laurent dress. And here’s where to get the iconic and incomparable model, but also replicas that will suit small budgets.

Because it embodies the absolute dream since an armada of celebrities appropriated it, the strapless Georgette dress, sketched by Anthony Vaccarello has become the most coveted object of desire in the modosphere. One black dress which once again confirms the artistic fiber that has animated the artistic director of the Maison Saint Laurent since 2016.

Because if this creation is on the wish list style buffs, it was partly popularized by the actress Olivia rodrigo, who wore it in September 2021 during the opening gala of theCinema Academy Museum. But what really propelled this Saint Laurent dress on the front of the fashion scene, it is none other than the rain of photos of powerful women who have monopolized it.

Where can you find the strapless Saint Laurent dress that all the stars wear?

From Zoë Kravitz, to Lena Situations and Hailey Bieber who wore it simultaneously for the New Year, or to Camille Razat in the series Emilie in Paris, this black dress Sculptural has been making the rounds on social networks, especially Instagram, in no time.

Its fashion DNA? It confirms it in priority by a low-cut singular heart that values ​​more than others the chest, whatever its size its cup. We notice in particular his crepe cutouts, which have earned him recognition from all over the fashion world. A now legendary creation, which reminds us of the notoriety of the Mondrian dress, designed in 1965 by the late couturier Yves Saint Laurent, inspired by the works of the Dutch painter Piet Mondrian. So, whether you buy the luxury orignal model, or an accessible version, the trompe-l’oeil will be striking.

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