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“We have to stop it”

Thunderbolt on social networks. Dr Benjamin Azoulay, close to influencers and other reality TV stars, is accused of having “ screwed up ” the lives of several patients who accuse him of ” mutilations “.

Asked by our colleagues from Parisian, Luna Skye, show contestant The people of Marseilleshospitalized eight times, including two in intensive care “ between life and death »bears witness to his ordeal.

Cosmetic surgery: Dr. Azoulay, star of social networks, in turmoil

The MRI showed that Doctor Azoulay had injected me with the product in the muscles “, indicates the young woman of 26 years who had turned to cosmetic surgery in the hope of” shape your buttocks “. A practice ” totally discouraged “, according to Eric Plot, member of the French Society of Plastic Surgeons who points to the” risk of embolism which can be fatal “.

Emilie Amar, influencer who went through reality TV “, claims to have been the victim of a” serious infection for the same reasons “. According to his words, Dr. Azoulay would also have sent her medicine prescriptions from a distance without seeing her in consultation ». Since then, the young woman would have become addicted to corticosteroids…

Other patients, less publicized, denounce the lack of professionalism of the surgeon, as is the case for Léa, 28, operated on the labia minora of the vulva in 2019. After a hemorrhage the night following her intervention, this assistant caregiver would have waited long hours for the surgeon.

Chilling testimonials

When he arrived he was stonedshe breathes. In my room, he removed the stitches without anesthesia and pressed hard on the blood clots to push them out. Then he closed and made new points, still without anesthesia “.

He told me that he had forgotten the prostheses (…) He looked in a daze, his face broken, his eyes shining »abounds Anaïs who wanted to offer herself a new breast after breastfeeding her daughter and denounces ” a butcher shop “. ” We have to stop it “, she insists.

Questioned by our colleagues, Dr Azoulay, who remains presumed innocent of the facts of which he is accused, considers that he is the victim of a “ vendetta “. And to conclude, straight in his boots: “ I do my job with seriousness and with the heart (…) I will attack anyone who dares to damage my reputation “.

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