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we present to you the most trendy it bag of 2022

Remember. Last September, we were among the first to tell you about Manu Workshop. A leather goods brand singular, piloted since 2014 by Beste and Merve Manastır, the daughters of one of the oldest craftsmen and leatherworkers from Istanbul. Their watchwords? Quality, and originality. All this, haloed by know-how, which makes it possible to draw the curves of bags, one of a kind.

Manu Atelier “Kesme” bag: this is the must-have fashion piece in 2022

It is on the sidelines of the Dior Vibe bowling bag, just unveiled, that fashionistas have chosen their camps. A luxury bag, which shares the headline with a high-end bag with couture accents.

Handcrafted, assembled from supple calfskin, sketched into a deceptively perfect rectangular cut, and embellished with a chain ostentatious gold… Such is the promise of Chopped off, the new signature bag Manu Workshop.

A reinterpretation of the trend big chain, whose popularity has been steadily increasing since the beginning of winter. And it didn’t take less to charm the most influential fashionistas of our generation. The Parisian based in London Camille Charrière, the Scandinavian and spiritual daughter of Carrie Bradshaw Emily Sindlev, the model Elsa Hosk, or the Spanish designer Blanca Miró. All this parterre of style experts now swear only by the Manu Atelier bag, that they each appropriate themselves in various colors. From forest green, to off-white vanilla, through intense black and a variation of camel and brown… This the bag is available in multiple versions, to bring together the greatest number of fashion followers.

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