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what are the 2 most popular trendy colors of the summer?

Because without the swimsuit, summer fashion would not have the same flavor, it is seen this year punctuated by various tones, thus repainting its chromatic palette. After the forest green and the Royal blue advocated last winter by celebrities, fashion journalists, stylists and other personalities, comes the turn of other shades to burst onto the playground of the beach style. Among them, 2 colors of 1 piece swimsuit and of bikiniwho pull out of the game, and announce the color.

Summer 2022 fashion: what are the search criteria for swimwear?

According to the search engine Stylight, the checkerboard print, recognizable by regular checks, checkmate the other patterns with + 66% increase in searches. Doing the same dive, textured swimwear They too have experienced an incredible spike in interest of more than 1000% on the Internet* since last year. Likewise, the crochet swimsuits, in lurex, gathered and pleated, met with exemplary success. On the other hand, with regard to colors2 colors clash and plan to tone up all styles this summer.

Pink and orange: the trendiest swimsuit colors for summer 2022

More than ever conducive to vibrant tones, this season paints the portrait of pink and of theorange. Is it surprising? The answer is no, when we know that in the chromatic circle the complementary color of orange is blueand that of pink is greentheir winter 2021 predecessors. Anyway, it’s with much more saturated contrasts than in years past, orange and pink will tint the swimwear this summer.

And for good reason, Stylightthe interests of consumers go first and foremost through the neon pink which generates more 58% of clicks*, and which confronts theneon orangewitnessing an increase in 21% of searches on the platform.

Two very distinct secondary colors, which can either be worn in turn in persistent duality, or be merged, in order to prove their compatibility flashy. And here to what orange and pink swimsuits to turn, to provide enough of an energy boost to survive the summer, stylistically speaking.

* The figures collected by Stylight are comparisons between the period from 1er March 2022 to April 20, 2022, and the same dates last year.

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