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What are the 6 jewelry trends that will mark the summer of 2022?

What would a summer be without jewelry? Certainly not what it is. Proof of this is that an outfit devoid of accessories is more likely to be sorely lacking in style than a look made up of various accumulations of rhinestones, pearls and sequins. Thus, in parallel with fashion trends that we will all be wearing by the new daylight saving time, stand out 6 jewelry trends which are already unanimous on the Internet.

What are the jewelry trends for summer 2022?

That we love the discretion or ostentationthem jewelry have the ability to seduce any woman. And this season, it seems that the trends jewels place themselves under the impetus of the years 1980 and 2000 as revealed by the search engine Stylight, which screened the search and purchase behavior of its 160 million annual shoppers. Results ? The data recorded from April 1 to May 22, 2022, compared to the same period last year, show a clash of bohemian cultures and bling blingwhich become the new mantras fans of jewelry. From the Regency-inspired tiara, to the waist chain, via fringes and cascading jewellery… Let’s paint a portrait of these precise jewelry trends that we will wear in the city, as at the beach.

The waist chain

Better than a belt, the waist chain is a jewel in its purest form that enhanced Rihanna’s rounded belly throughout her pregnancy. In the streets of New York or Paris but also on the red carpet, the singer swore only by the waist chain to highlight her curves of pregnant woman. Hailey Bieber, Emily Ratajkowski and Camille Charrière also followed suit at the jewelry trends for summer 2022. Something to inspire TikTok users to restore the image of this bling jewelry to perfection, as was discussed in the 2000s. Result? +61% peak interest for the keyword “b”elly chainot” on Google in the last 12 months.

How to wear the waist chain?

No, the waist chain isn’t just for stars. Yes, it is possible to take it on in everyday life provided you meet a few selection criteria. At the beach, the link belt can be considered on a swimsuit covered with a transparent or crochet dress. In town, we dare the waist chain trend by twisting it with a low-waisted skirt and a tied shirt.

The tiara

With a significant increase in 313% of clicks on Stylight the obvious cannot be denied. The summer of 2022 will crown itself with a diadem to reign supreme. An operational return to the front of the stage jewelry which owes its consecration to the series The Bridgerton Chronicle through which London high society women of the Regency appear with different tiaras. Similarly, during the Met Gala 2022 initiated by Anna Wintour, various personalities climbed the steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art wearing a tiara. Among them ? The fashion priestess herself, but also Blake Lively and Emma Chamberlain.

How to wear the tiara?

Not to play princess, but simply to add some extra bling to her hairstyle. In the evening, the tiara matches perfectly with almost the entire wardrobe, but be careful not to overdo it. During the day, the crown is preferred to be discreet or even minimalist and is worn with bohemian clothes that will relax its look.

floral jewelry

Forts of +84% increase in clicks on the platform, jewelry with floral details are among the most sought after on the Internet for the summer season. Sketched in the shape of flowers or adorned with rhinestones, pearls and sculpted diamonds, floral jewelry flourishes in the notebook of summer 2022 fashion trends. Special mention for the flower cascading earrings.

How to wear floral jewelry?

With a golden white dress like Carrie Bradshaw so as to contrast with the tones of the floral jewels.

Cascading earrings

Because they embody grace and elegance, cascading earrings join the very select list of jewelry most sought after by consumers. And for good reason, with +63% increase in interest for the keyword “waterfall jewelery on Google trends, pendant jewelry seduces many women who praise its merits as much on the red carpet as on social networks.

How to wear cascading earrings?

Ideally, with a garment that clears the bust. We think of a dress with a straight collar, a V-neck, a bustier or even a corset, as is being discussed this season.

The crystal bra

The very essence of fashion locker rooms Area and Victoria’s Secret, the crystal bra says “crystal bra” attracts the favors of the most advanced personalities in terms of style, going so far as to inspire the general public. Spotted in particular at JW Anderson, this jewelry bra trend seduced none other than Hailey Bieber, proud to wear her crystal bra with a blazer with shoulder pads in a grand evening style and mini black faux leather shorts. Enough to prove by A + B that the charm works, as confirmed by the increase in +93% search interest for the keyword “crystal braon Google trends, and the rise of more than 1000% increase in clicks on Stylight.

How to wear the crystal bra?

In the evening, we gladly give it to worked clothes, tailoring spirit such as tailored pants or a suit jacket oversized. During the day, we prefer it for an afternoon at the beach or by the pool by combining it with a sarong tied in a skirt.

area on mytheresa.com

Crystal-embellished bra, 684 euros instead of 978 euros.

Fringe earrings

Imbued with hippie inspirations, fringe earrings transform fashionistas into modern-day Amazons. Proof of this is the rise of 300% clicks on the fashion platform just before summer. With bohemian influences and charm unrivaled retro, the jewels with fringes and what’s more cascading, are almost 4 times more successful than last year.

How to wear fringe earrings?

To play the bohemian card to the fullest, pair fringed earrings with cowboy boots or leather sandals, an animal print skirt, a cowboy hat, a chain belt and a tied shirt. If we opt for discretion, consider fringed jewelry with flared high-waisted jeans and a flowing blouse, or a long black or white dress with pumps or colorful slingbacks.

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