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What are the best down removers?

Eyebrow waxing: mistakes to avoid

When plucking your eyebrows, all it takes is a small misplaced gesture to damage the brow bone. This area of ​​the face remains a sensitive part. In addition, poorly plucked eyebrows can spoil the harmony of the face. Here are the missteps to avoid when it comes to eyebrow waxing.

  • Do not respect the natural shape of the eyebrows: to highlight them, it is useless to go against its natural line. For example, if your eyebrows are straight in shape, don’t try to pluck them in a curve.
  • Remove the head of the eyebrow: if you start plucking this part, you risk not knowing where to stop and you will end up with eyebrows that are too short. Moreover, it hardens your face and erases the natural look.
  • Waxing too often: repeated waxing weakens the brow bone. Similarly, obsessing over the hair between the eyebrows will only accentuate regrowth. Once the shape of your eyebrows has been defined, one maintenance session every 3 weeks is more than enough.
  • Epilate in front of a magnifying mirror: this tends to distort the eyebrows and you risk having an asymmetrical result.

For better results when waxing the eyebrows, it is recommended to use high-performance and special tools. Here are the 5 best devices unearthed on Amazon.

Our choice: the electric eyebrow trimmer

Are you having facial hair issues? Eyebrow trimmer and face epilator from Sjnhuyz is the ideal solution for you. This device can overcome the fine mini hairs that grow around the chin and lips, and on the cheeks. It gets rid of thicker eyebrow hairs. This face trimmer has mini blades hidden in the protective cover to avoid hurting yourself. Its sharp stainless steel blades remove unwanted hair quickly. Just turn the device on and go back and forth over the areas to be shaved. For better visibility, since we are talking about hairs that are almost invisible if you do not look very closely at the face, this trimmer is equipped with auxiliary lighting. It is also designed for forehead and cheek hair that you never noticed. For cleaning, simply unscrew the head and run it through the tap. For its high accuracy and efficiency, this product is number one in our list.

The 2-in-1 rechargeable eyebrow trimmer: painless

If you are too afraid of hurting yourself by removing your facial hair, we recommend the VG VOGCREST electric eyebrow trimmer. This is a 2-in-1 rechargeable epilator designed for painless epilation of eyebrows, lip contour, nose, face and even body. Indeed, this very powerful device is also suitable for shaving the mini-hairs of the arms and legs. It allows you to follow the direction of regrowth for very soft and smooth skin. We also appreciate the great precision of this electric razor for women. Thanks to its safe design, you can say goodbye to small bumps and goosebumps that are visible after a typical shave. You also do not risk any cuts or irritation. The device does not pull the hairs, but shaves them close to the skin. Thanks to its LED light, no more fine hair will escape you.

The electric razor for the face: precision and homogeneity

The Braun FS1000 women’s mini electric shaver is your ally to instantly regain soft skin without the slightest hair. We chose this device because the shave is precise and homogeneous all over the face. It incorporates a rotary cutting system to cut the hairs faster. Thanks to the protective grid that secures the blades, you do not risk any cuts. With the Smartlight function, this shaver illuminates the finest hairs while cutting them with precision. The discreet design of the razor particularly impressed us. You can therefore use it, neither seen nor known, for last-minute touch-ups, even outside the house. No need for water, gel or shaving cream. It is also ideal for smoothing the skin before applying makeup.

Down eliminator for hair removal

the Finishing Touch by Flawless is a new generation facial down remover. It is very effective in shaving the mini hairs that the wax or the depilatory strip failed to remove. It easily catches almost invisible hairs to leave your skin perfectly smooth. Its head with flexible double rings cuts the down with great precision. The device hugs the curves of your face and provides a painless and smooth shave, one of the reasons we put it on our list. In addition, the head in dipped gold finish is hypoallergenic and suitable even for sensitive skin. Say goodbye to cuts, burns and irritations, and no more water, soap or cream. Down hair removal has never been easier.

The 2-in-1 rechargeable epilator: for the body and the face

I’AnyFace 2 in 1 eyebrow epilator for women is in our ranking because it is easy to use and maintain, while being effective. It is designed to trim lip, eyebrow, chin and even nose hair. It has 2 different types of heads: a facial epilator and an eyebrow trimmer. The device is safe to use on all skin types thanks to its high quality stainless steel blade. Thanks to its protective mesh, you won’t risk any cuts, redness or irritation. Hair removal will be completely painless. Another big plus of this device with LED lighting is its discreet and compact design that allows it to slip easily into your pocket. Rechargeable via its USB cable, you can use it anywhere and anytime.

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