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What are the best toys made in France?

The good reasons to favor toys made in France

Are you hesitating between a toy made in France and an object made abroad? Discover in detail the good reasons to promote French know-how.

  • Enjoy impeccable quality

Buying a French toy means giving your child the opportunity to have fun with an object they love and which complies with strict production standards. Small or medium-sized companies as well as large French firms working in this field are not only experienced. They are committed to respecting traditional know-how.

French games are thus more durable.

  • Safe fun

Games made in France are also synonymous with peace of mind. They are manufactured in compliance with stringent health and safety regulations. The related standards necessarily apply in the factories, because they incorporate European and French laws.

  • Participate in economic development

Investing in toys made in France also means supporting the national economy. Imported products can slow down our industrial activity. On the other hand, opting for made in France makes it possible to preserve and even create jobs in France, which reduces the unemployment rate.

  • Reduce its environmental impact

By supporting craftsmanship, you act more responsibly. Indeed, unlike articles designed abroad, French toys do not travel thousands of kilometers before arriving on our shelves. As transport time is reduced, they generate less pollution.

How to choose a toy for your child?

Different criteria are to be considered when buying a toy. Here are some tips to help you make the right choice:

  • The needs of the child

Walking, letting off steam, waking up to numbers, language, music… Each need corresponds to adapted toys. Various games, for example, allow toddlers to have fun and develop. During the first years of their life, games that awaken the senses (touch, hearing, sight, etc.) are perfect. Growing up, your child must then learn to create, share and spend.

The older ones can perfect their logic and their knowledge thanks to board games.

  • His areas of interest

Above all, a toy must allow your child to have a good time. To be sure to please him, refer to the things he likes to do: build, imitate, manipulate shapes, tell stories… Forget those things that can put him in difficulty, discourage him or frustrate him, otherwise your child will will leave out.

French manufacturers indicate on the packaging the recommended age for each toy. You must take this age group into account so that your child can play safely. For example, a game ideal for over 5s may be dangerous for under 3s.

Each toy is also designed to adapt to children’s knowledge. A game that is too easy is synonymous with boredom. On the contrary, a game that is too complex can quickly become frustrating or damage self-esteem.

Some toy ideas based on your child’s age

Lacking inspiration to find the perfect toy for your child? Here are some toys that might interest him.

Toys that stimulate the senses and encourage the baby to move (pulling, pushing, biting, etc.) are to be preferred. Rattles, balls, music boxes and activity mats are some examples.

Around 10 or 12 months, the baby learns to walk. Consider giving him a walker. This push toy will help him move forward and keep him balanced.

More skilful with his hands, the child finds pleasure in playing with musical instruments or modeling clay. He also likes to imitate the grown-ups: driving a car, cooking, telephoning… It’s time to buy him his first dinette or trucks, for example.

The child appreciates figurines, construction games, imagination games and dolls.

Arts and crafts, experiment games, card games and balloons are great choices.

The child invents, builds, discovers and guesses. Construction, board, skill or reflection games are among those likely to interest him.

Our choice: scent lotto

Looking for an original game for your child? We reveal to you our favourite: the Distrifun smell lotto. This game allows children aged 4 and over to rediscover or work on their sense of smell. The 30 diffusers contained in the box correspond to 30 different smells. These scents are reminiscent of flowers, fruits or elements of daily life such as soap.

From 10 months: car to learn to walk

Is your child starting to stand up? To accompany him in his first steps, we suggest this car with walker function from Smoby. It promises hours of fun, and this, in complete safety. Indeed, this French-made toy has an ultra-stable frame as well as anti-tipping stops at the front and rear. Under the seat is a trunk ideal for storing other toys.

From 3 years old: double-sided board

Want to give your child a fun and educational toy? The editorial staff has selected for you this linden wood table signed Smoby. On the magnetic white side, your child will enjoy writing with the included marker. He can also attach the letters and numbers provided to revise his calculations, for example. On the slate side, they will develop their creativity by drawing with chalk. A cloth, a storage tray and 6 colored chalks are included in the set.

For 3 to 8 year olds: storyteller for children

We chose the Lunii story box to help children dream, explore and learn in a playful way. This nomadic and interactive storyteller will encourage her to create beautiful stories and take her away from the screens. It also includes 48 pre-recorded stories to teach your child to be more independent at bedtime.

From 10 years old: construction cars

Does your child love cars? We advise you to offer him this construction game made in France. With this model from the Meccano brand, your child will have the pleasure of expressing their creativity by building up to 25 motorized vehicles. At the same time, he will discover different fields such as science, engineering or technology.

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