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What are the criteria for choosing a hair dryer?

Things to consider when choosing a hair dryer

To find the hair dryer that meets your needs, here are the criteria to consider:

  • The user’s need

Before deciding on a model, first define its main use. Indeed, the ideal hair dryer for you is not necessarily ideal for your child or for a fashionista fan of brushing. A mother will be more looking for a device that is light, secure and easy to handle. While a brushing enthusiast will favor powerful devices equipped with many sharp accessories.

To benefit from a high-performance hair dryer, inspect the power of the motor. The latter generally varies between 1,200 W and 2,400 W. Devices with a power greater than 2,000 W are already close to those used by professionals. Hair dryers equipped with an “AC” motor have the best qualities.

  • The temperature variator

It is essential to adjust the level of temperature emitted. Thus, you can adjust the heat diffused according to your needs or the nature of your hair. Indeed, the level of heat is different for a simple morning hair drying and a real brushing.

  • The air flow variator

This is a device for adjusting the air flow. Many models have the “turbo” version which allows drying in just a few minutes.

Most hair dryers come with nozzles of different sizes and shapes. The more of them, the more you can make hairstyles of different types.

In addition, some devices have considerable advantages for perfecting your hairstyle and preserving the health of your hair. Here are some examples :

Devices with ion technology emit negative ions in the form of tiny drops of water. They fight against the development of static electricity.

Quality hair dryers usually have a ceramic coating. The latter ensures an even distribution of heat, to give an impeccable result, without burning.

  • infrared technology

It is introduced by some brands to avoid overloading the device.

It ensures the even distribution of heat to “coat” favorably the lengths and promote the fixing of the natural movements of the hair. The diffuser is especially essential for naturally curly hair.

Our choice: shine shine hair dryer for a perfect hairstyle

Are you looking for a hair dryer that styles your hair while taking care of it? We recommend the Remington 2200W Shine Shine Hair Dryer. For your morning routine or to prepare for a big event, make it your ally. You can choose between 3 temperature levels and 2 speed levels. The brand also offers the “fresh air” function, essential for fixing your hairstyle.

Remington’s shine-shine hair dryer is distinguished by its Advanced ceramic coating grid. It is infused with a shine treatment to give a silky and radiant result. The device works with ion technology. It diffuses 90% more ions than a standard model, which is largely effective in preventing the appearance of frizz.

The AC Supercare Pro 2200 W hair dryer

To enjoy parlor performance at home, try the Remington AC Supercare Pro 2200W Hair Dryer. This ultra-sophisticated device will delight you with its high-quality AC motor. From our side, we appreciate it for its Supercare function. The latter allows it to diffuse a healthy temperature while ensuring rapid drying. To take care of your hair on a daily basis, you can choose between 3 temperature levels and 2 drying speeds.

The three accessories supplied with the device facilitate its use. Here is the list :

  • A fine 7 mm concentrator, to effectively straighten the hair;
  • An 11 mm wide concentrator, for quick drying;
  • A diffuser to strengthen your natural curls.

The hair dryer with 6 temperature and speed settings

Are you looking for a hair dryer for the whole family? the Philips hair dryer satisfies all users due to the wide choice of temperatures and speeds it offers. It allows you to create a variety of hairstyles. The engine power is 2300 W. Its airflow can be adjusted up to 110 km/h.

In addition to its sleek design, we are seduced by the model for its performance and resistance. Thanks to its ThermoShield technology, the device has an overheating sensor. It regulates and optimizes the temperature in order to avoid any damage caused by overheating.

Like any other high-performance hair dryer, this one from Philisps benefits from ionic technology. However, it is ahead of its competitors by its doubled ionic function. Indeed, the device emits up to 40 million ions per drying session.

The effective hair dryer for voluminous hair!

Remington presents the ProLuxe hair dryer for those who can’t decide on the styling temperature. We selected it to solve this problem! Thanks to OptiHeat technology and the Style Shot function, the device adapts the heat intelligently in order to effectively tame the hair and fix the style. Added to this is the ionic technology. It ensures a frizz-free result. The AC motor of the hair dryer has a power of 2400 W.

In addition, the Style function is available. It raises the power to 400 W and regulates the diffusion of heat according to the part treated to obtain a more voluminous result. The package includes a hair dryer, 2 concentrators and 1 special volume diffuser.

The lightweight and efficient 2200 W travel hair dryer

You travel a lot ? the Remington travel hair dryer is made for those who have a hectic lifestyle. Light and easy to carry, it will easily find its place in your suitcase. With its powerful 2200W motor, they deliver salon-like results.

We also selected Remington’s travel hair dryer for its unique efficiency. Its ionic technology, its ceramic grid, its removable rear grid… The model has it all!

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