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What are the criteria for choosing a heated brush?

What is the best hot brush?

The brands provide users with 3 types of brushes:

  • The simple heated brush

This device does not emit air. It smooths or curls your strands thanks to a heating system and is only applied to dry hair.

  • The heated and blower brush

It emits hot air, which provides both a blowing action, as with a hair dryer, and a heating action. It can be applied to slightly damp hair.

  • The rotating blower brush

The device generally has 2 directions of rotation. Thus, according to your desires, you can wrap your locks inwards or outwards.

The type of heated brush is chosen according to your usage habits. In any case, before settling on a model, consider the criteria in the following list:

To benefit from a brush that is as efficient as it is resistant, it is important to consult its power, in particular the number of watts it offers. Make your choice based on your hair type. If they are thin or damaged, a device with 1000 W is enough. For normal hair, a power of 1000W to 1200W is ideal. As for thick hair, a power of 1200 W is recommended for them.

Choose ergonomic models that are easy to hold and use. On a daily basis, you will have to hold the brush for about thirty minutes. So if it is light and proportionate to your handshake, you will use it long enough without feeling sore arms.

Today, the heated brush can straighten hair, curl it or give it volume. Many brands offer several types of tips with the brush that allow you to vary the style of your hairstyle.

Invest in appliances that take care of your hair. For example, brushes with the ionic function are effective in escaping frizz. They leave hair soft and shiny.

Our top: the powerful heating and blowing brush

The heated and blowing brush by Babyliss particularly appealed to us because of its performance and ease of use. The device has a power of 1200 W. It offers 3 temperature levels. You can choose them according to your hair type. It also has a fresh air button. The emission of cold air fixes the brushing, and thus finalizes the hairstyle.

Entirely devoted to hair care, the heated brush features anti-frizz ionic technology. Its ceramic finish helps smooth the hair without damaging it. 2 interchangeable brushes are supplied with the device. So you can straighten, shape or give volume to your hair.

The heating and straightening ceramic brush

Are you looking for a heated brush to straighten your hair on a daily basis? We recommend you CNXUS heated brush. We like this model because it features advanced MCH technology. Its MCH heater allows rapid heating and a constant temperature. Once you turn on the brush, the temperature level will show on the LED display. It is adjustable from 150°C to 230°C.

The heated brush has a ceramic finish. Thanks to its ionic heating and anti-scalding technology, it contributes to the care of the hair. It also helps fight split ends and any other damage to your hair. For ease of use, the brand has implemented an automatic shutdown function. Thus, the brush deactivates once the 30 minutes have passed. To reactivate it, simply press the power button. In addition, the power cord of the device is rotatable by 360°, which avoids the twisting of the wire during its use.

The volumizing brush

Do you have long or medium length hair? Do you want to give them a little more volume? We have selected for you the Revlon Professional Volumizing Brush/Hair Dryer. Thanks to its oval shape, it naturally creates volume at the roots as well as beautiful curves at the ends. This device is ideal for getting beautiful waves.

The pins are made of nylon. They are characterized by rounded ends favoring the care of the hair fibers. In addition, the model works with ionic technology. In this way, negative ions neutralize airflow to reduce the amount of water and promote rapid drying. This system straightens the hair faster, without leaving frizz. As for the ceramic coating of the brush, it ensures an even distribution of heat without attacking your hair. To create your curls, you have the choice between 2 temperature levels. A cold air button is also available. It is recommended to fix your hairstyle.

The heated ceramic tourmaline blowing brush

Concerned about the health of your hair, are you looking for a brush that takes care of it? We offer you the Dry & Style Ceramic Tourmaline Blower Heat Brush which keeps your hair healthy. We particularly like this model thanks to its antistatic ceramic tourmaline coating. Compared to standard Remington ceramic, this superior coating provides 4 times more protection. It is antistatic and slides easily.

Three accessories are supplied with the brush:

  • A concentrator recommended to promote drying and facilitate styling.
  • A 38 mm round brush with heat-blending bristles ideal for creating beautiful waves.
  • A 21mm round brush with thermal bristles for creating beautiful curls.

The professional heating and straightening brush

Ideal for prolonging your hairstyle, the heating and straightening brush from Ghd style while straightening the hair. We selected this template because of the professional result it delivers. Indeed, the brush combines short bristles and high density long bristles. Thus, it easily styles large locks. Its ceramic and ionic technology ensures perfect smoothing, without frizz. The hair is styled at an optimal temperature of 185°C, which is perfect for obtaining the best result, without attacking the hair fibres.

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