Wednesday, March 9, 2022

updated on Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Screwed to the starting blocks, white sneakers are about to enter the race to win their usual title of spring fashion trend. From Conserve to Adidas via Puma and Dior but not only, here are the sneakers for women to acquire absolutely to have a lot of style in 2022.

Because it’s the same refrain with each transition to the springthe usual dark sneakers are slipping away to make way for their variants of white sneakers. An unsurprising change since white is the color synonymous with neutrality that invites in summer. All in all messy in winter, we prefer to wear the white sneakers when the good weather looms, starting on March 20 this year, when the modosphere will enter spring. Because to bring a breath of fresh air to our spring wardrobe, the white sneakers stand out as real essentials.

The trendiest white sneakers to get for Spring 2022

If there is no rush in life, it is nevertheless urgent to obtain one of the immaculate pairs from our selection. In genuine or synthetic leather or simply in canvas, the white sneakers pinned by us are ideal to welcome the good weather as it should. In our shopping basket? The unavoidable New Balance 327the Walk’n’Dior sneaker, Chuck Taylor All Star Converse, and many more.

On the styling side, our Fashion Journalist recommends several look suggestions for adopting white sneakers with class in 2022. To go to work, let’s match our monochrome sneakers with loose pleated pants, a ruffled blouse and a baguette bag for a touch of the year 2000. To go dancing, the best option is to wear white sneakers with a retro-inspired sequined and feathered evening dress.

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