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what color clothes to wear when it’s hot?

Hit hard by a wave of heat due to climate change, France has to deal with an increase in mercury. With an average of +2.7°C higher than normal May temperatures according to Meteo Francethe first 15 days of the month invite an alarming observation that gives cold sweats.

And as usual, to compensate for the rise in temperatures, fashion is one of the best anti-heat wave alternatives. Should we wear white? Should we give up black? What colors of clothing should we wear when it’s hot? So many questions that leave room for our stylistic judgement.

Hot weather: should we wear white or black?

Delivering a fashion duel forever, the White and the black complement each other as much as they confront each other. All in all, “the darker a color is, the more it absorbs the rays of the sun which are transformed into heat confirms Laurent Misery, dermatologist at Brest University Hospital. According to specialistwith black, the absorption is the most important”while on its side the white “ reflects light and therefore does not accumulate heat. “.

A reasoning attested by the magazine For Science giving the same reminder shot, specifying that as a result, “light energy is transformed into heat. “. As for clothes, the black therefore absorbs more heat and issues accordingly, unlike the white which absorbs lessand ” also emits much less than black », according to Jean-Michel Courty, professor of physics and searcher. What to do with things.

What materials to wear when it’s hot?

As for the conventional white t-shirt adored in summer, Daniel Hennequin, physicist and researcher CNRS, believes that it keeps less warm because of its light colorbut that if it is too light or wet, it can let the light through which will directly heat the skin and no longer protect it. “.

Thus, to protect as much as possible from the heat and UV rays, let’s favor suitable materials like the organic cotton and linen ventilated, also known to absorb moisture and keep the body cool.

A trend confirmed in the desert, where the Bedouins preferably wear dark colors, like black or blue, when the heat wave is in order. Their secret? They opt for loose and flowing clothing cuts to survive the temperature in style and wear under white cotton shirts. A clothing combo that causes the convection effect. In other words, a heat exchange between the air and the body, which gives a feeling of freshness on the skin, allowing regulate body temperature. Once this clothing energy balance has been established, let’s put the fashion lesson into practice.

Trendy colors that last the least

It’s a scientific fact, the white fabric ” absorbs only 120 watts per square meter, three times less than black fabric ” according to Futura Planet. Therefore, the light colours Where pastel remain the shades of clothing to prioritize in summer, or at least to wear next to the skin. But to be really trendy, we have to rely on only 3 particular colors, of which here is the portrait.

Powder pink

Starting with the powdery pink, recognized as the star pigmentation of the 2022 Cannes Film Festival, which our Fashion Journalist has been predestining to success since the beginning of the year. Flowing pants light pink cotton, or a skirt of the same tone will be the perfect clothing allies to survive the scorching temperatures.

solar yellow

On the same pedestal, the solar yellow stands out as one of the ideal colors to temper your body during the summer season. A color seen in the spring-summer 2022 collections by Alexander McQueen, Dolce & Gabbana, Coperni but also Gabriela Hearst, allowing as a bonus to harmonize the silhouette by creating a perfect balance.

The water green

On the sidelines of neon green, water green is the shades conducive to those who wish to bypass UV rays. Launched onto the Bottega Veneta, Alexander McQueen, Emporio Armani and Elie Saab catwalks, this light color tempers the body and invites you to take the plunge.

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