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what color to choose to sublimate green eyes?

Haircut, color, hairstyle… are all details to take into account when going to the hairdresser since they affect your face. An unsuitable hairstyle or color can dull the complexion or else you age. No question then of doing anything. We adapt its color to its complexion, but also to the color of its eyes to obtain something harmonious. A professional will always be able to guide you, but if you want to take the lead and find your next hair color for enhance your green eyeshere are the ones that might suit you.

How to choose your hair color?

All professionals will tell you: if you want to change your hair color without risking a faux pas, it is better to stay close to your natural color. You can then choose a color a few shades lighter or a few shades darker. Unless of course you want to try something more daring, at your own risk. Anyway, it is better to get help from a professional than to try to do it alone at home. Several will then have to be taken into account: skin tone, style, age and of course the color of the eyes.

Green eyes: which color to choose?

You’re lucky to have been born with green eyes, so you might as well show them off with the right hair color. We consider green as a cold color but not for all that less bewitching. To highlight them we will choose warm tones that will reveal all the sparkles of your eyes. We can then bet on a Venetian blond or, on the contrary, a chocolate or hazelnut brown which will contrast perfectly with your eyes without dulling your complexion. On the contrary, we will stay away from ash blondes, purple shades or even colors between blonde and slightly champagne red. These colors will tend to dull the intensity of your look.

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