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what haircut to choose to highlight?

First, it is important to remember what a round face is. To check if this is your case, you can arm yourself with a meter (or do it by sight). The so-called “round” faces are those whose the length (between the top of the forehead and the bottom of the chin) is almost equal to the width (between the two ears). Also, often they are characterized by chubby cheekbones and round cheeks. Do you recognize yourself in this description? Then you should try one of these haircuts to enhance your round face.

The curtain fringe. Good news, the star of the bangs is completely adapted to the morphology of a round face. This haircut will draw the eye to your little face and will enhance your pretty, naturally raised cheekbones. Another advantage of the curtain fringe: its length which always allows you to place the locks behind the ears for more comfort and peace of mind… especially when you choose to tie your hair back.

Hairstyles that highlight a round face

Straight hair. This cut will be ideal if you are a bit complexed by your round face. Straight hair will counterbalance the volume of the face with a very vertical hairstyle. And if you don’t really like having a flat hair, you can of course work the lengths with the help of a blower brush to give a nice movement to the ends.

The wavy. If just above we suggested that you enhance your face by straightening your hair, know that it is also possible to opt for a beautiful wavy or curls. Very trendy for several seasons, these haircuts are to be preferred especially if you have long blond or brown hair, and even if you have recently fallen for a balayage. Curls and wavy are the perfect hairstyles to show off your long hair.

Yes to short haircuts!

The square cut. If you have not yet fallen for the square, we are sure that you have already thought of it. It’s THE short haircut that catches everyone’s eye, but only a few dare. However, the result is always very beautiful. Why don’t you try adopting it yourself? The square is always a good idea when you have a round face. To wear with the choice with a wavy or a natural movement!

Boyish cut. If you have not yet passed the course of the square, not sure that this other short haircut is the choice you make. However, the pixie cut is a lovely hairstyle for round faces; and the photos in our slideshow are proof of that. Whether you prefer a very short square or a slightly layered cut on the sides with a little more length on top, the boyish hairstyle will match perfectly with the features of your round face.

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