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What is the best perfume for men? Our best of 2022

Perfume for men: timeless bottles

The world of perfumery offers, for both women and men, a multitude of bottles with different scents. But if there is one that has caught our attention lately, and since its release in 2016, it’s the Sauvage eau de toilette by Dior. With a bottle sold every 3 seconds, it is positioned as the perfume best selling in the world. This is also the first time that a male cosmetic product has taken first place in sales. The reason ? A unique trail of amber wood and ambroxan (derived from ambergris), ideal for assuming a frank masculinity. Its little extra? It is refillable when chosen in 30ml or 100ml.

Sauvage Eau de Toilette

Sauvage Eau de Toilette



Another fragrance that we have all smelled at least once in our lives: 1 Million de Paco Rabanne. And for good reason, the brand’s best-seller released in 2008 quickly became theworld’s best-selling men’s eau de toilette. Timeless, we continue to love this addictive and powerful fragrance even years later. Her secret recipe? Blood mandarin, peppermint, rose, leather, cinnamon and amber. A clever mix for a man with provocative elegance and sexy.

1 Million eau de toilette

1 Million eau de toilette

Paco Rabanne


What fragrance for men do women prefer?

Although we suggest that you choose a perfume according to your personality, you should know that the scent that you give off can turn out to be a weapon of seduction terribly effective. A study even reveals that 6 out of 10 women consider perfume very important in the seduction phase. So if you want to seduce your sweetheart with her sense of smell, we have several suggestions for you. The first one ? Study the components found in a male perfume. You will be amazed at the number of vials with amber or musk, powerful pheromones that attract the opposite sex. This is surely why the Eau de Parfum Bleu de Chanel meets with such success. With notes of amber cedar and sandalwood, it reflects an elegant sensuality.

Chanel Blue Eau de Parfum

Chanel Blue Eau de Parfum



At the house of Hugo Boss, it’s the Boss Bottled that holds all our attention. Signature wake of a motivated and ambitious man, it seduces with notes of apples and citrus fruits, warm heart notes of cinnamon and cloves which give way to spicy base notes of sandalwood, vetiver, cedar and olive tree. Without forgetting the presence of amber and musk which make it an ultra sensual perfume.

Other ingredients found in perfumes for men favorite of these ladies, the woody notes! There, we don’t really have any scientific explanations to give you, we just know that you like it. And that, consequently, we find them in many fragrances with a very sensual smell. Among them, the eau de parfum La Nuit de L’Homme d’Yves Saint Laurent. The scents of black pepper, labdanum and vetiver will make the wearer a devastatingly charming seducer.

Eau de Parfum The Night of The Man

Eau de Parfum The Night of The Man

Yves Saint Laurent


At the house of Azzaro, it’s the woody flamboyance of red cedar that will please your soul mate. Combined with cinnamon and a tobacco accord, this woody, oriental and spicy fragrance is one of the best sellers of the moment.

Finally, we could not speak of seduction without evoking the iconic The Male of jean paul Gaultier. It can’t be explained enough, but it seems to have something that not all perfumes have: a non-conformist vision of masculinity. We love the comfort of lavender which collides with the sensuality of vanilla and mint for a man who is not afraid to be virile and sexy.

Le Male eau de toilette

Le Male eau de toilette

jean paul Gaultier


What perfume for men for spring?

With the arrival of sunny days, you may want to change your perfume. A bit like we want to wear a jacket rather than a big coat, we want to perfume ourselves with freshness and lightness. For this, nothing better than opting for summer olfactory notes such as citrus. At the house of Hermeswe love its best-seller Terre d’Hermès for its notes of orange and grapefruit, which combine wonderfully with patchouli, pepper or even vetiver.

Eau de toilette Terre d'Hermès

Eau de toilette Terre d’Hermès


106 €

At the house of Lacostewe find the elegance of the white polo shirt in the water of Lacoste L.12.12 Blanc with a pure, fresh and unique fragrance mixing notes of cedar, suede leather but also grapefruit.

Finally, it’s still home Paco Rabanne that we find a very popular perfume: the Invictus. We love it for its scathing freshness and its almost animal sensuality. For this, we find sea grapefruit, orange blossom, jasmine or even patchouli. A fragrance that will make you a modern day hero.

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