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What is the ideal straightener for your hair?

How to choose a straightener?

Four categories of straighteners are mainly offered. They are classified according to the material of their plate, in particular:

  • Ceramics;
  • Glass-ceramic;
  • Tourmaline;
  • Titanium.

For an optimum result, choose the straightener according to the nature of your hair.

  • For short or layered hair

Hair straighteners with narrow or normal clamps are recommended. Choose those in vitroceramic or white ceramic. This advice is particularly valid for fine and fragile hair.

  • For thick and rebellious hair

Prefer tourmaline straighteners. The latter have tighter grains, which promotes glide on the most unruly locks. The result is noticeably smooth.

  • For frizzy and very rebellious hair

To tame them, bet on devices with tourmaline plates accompanied by nanotechnology. Titanium plates with good nanotechnology property can also do the trick.

By the way, before buying, check whether the thermostat is adjustable. Thus, you can adjust the temperature according to the nature of your hair. This point is important to escape the burn of the hair fibers. In general, here are the recommended temperatures for each hair type:

  • A temperature fluctuating between 190° and 230°C for frizzy hair and afros;
  • A temperature of 170° to 190°C for wavy, curly and very curly hair;
  • A temperature of 150° to 170°C for normal hair;
  • A temperature of 80° to 150°C for fine, fragile or damaged hair.

If the straightener you have chosen has ionic technology, even better! Hair fibers naturally contain positive ions. This is due to attacks from the outside, in particular pollution, ambient humidity and UV rays. Thanks to its ceramic plate, the straightener emits negative ions when it heats up, which neutralizes the positive ions. Therefore, the scales of the fiber will be enclosed, which ensures a better result.

Our choice: the 2-in-1 straightener with patented steam technology

Whether you want straight hair or a wavy effect, we recommend 2 in 1 straightener from L’Oréal Professionnel ! We chose this model because of its performance and its patented steam technology. Thanks to the latter, the device emits a continuous flow of steam that encircles the hair fiber. Thus, it remains flexible while becoming easy to smooth and sculpt. Thanks to this advanced technology, curls and waves are easily achieved. The device has an integrated tank with a large capacity.

The heating temperature of the straightener is adjustable between 180° and 210°C. The device is suitable for all hair types. Just set it to the perfect temperature. Light and easy to use, the straightener satisfies both professionals and individuals. Its 360° rotating cord makes the device easy to handle.

Almond Oil & Keratin Infused Hair Straightener

Does straightening damage the hair? Not necessarily ! We have specifically selected Remington Keratin Protect straightener for those who are afraid of weakening their hair. This model is equipped with a plate made not only of quality ceramic, but also infused with almond oil and keratin. Thus, it smoothes the hair while taking care of it. For regular use, the brand offers the PRO+ function. The latter reaches a temperature of 185°C, which is enough to tame the hair fibers. However, you can choose between 9 temperature levels (ranging from 150° to 230°C).

Are you often in a rush when getting ready for work? Do not be afraid ! The iron heats up in a short time (15 seconds). In addition, it stops automatically after 60 minutes of operation.

The dual-zone technology straightener

Are you looking for a professional, yet easy to use straightener? the Ghd hair straightener is recommended to you. We appreciate this model for the impeccable result it leaves. Indeed, the device is equipped with two heat sensors ensuring constant results, from root to tip. In addition, the iron has rounded plates that facilitate the realization of a variety of hairstyles. Its 2.7 m cord is rotatable.

The brand suggests the optimal styling temperature of 185°C to smooth your hair without damaging it. The Ghd straightener leaves hair smooth and silky.

The straightener with steam technology

Do straighteners with steam technology appeal to you? Invest in the Saint Algue straightener! We particularly like this straightener for its considerable steam power (5G/minutes). The device has 6 steam outlets to relax even large locks. Thanks to its 40ml capacity tank, it can release steam continuously for 20 minutes. The straightener is equipped with a retractable side heated comb, which helps to detangle and straighten the hair.

The temperature emitted is adjustable up to 230 ° C. Adjust it according to the nature of your hair. Following the passage of the straightener, the hair is soft and shiny. Smoothing can last 1 week and more.

The effective ceramic Glide straightener

the Remington Ceramic Glide Straightenerseduced us for its sleek design, but not only! It is as graceful as it is effective! Thanks to its ceramic Glide plates and its intelligent Opti Heat technology that keeps the temperature constant, the straightener offers a surprising result from the first pass. When the heat provided is constant from root to tip, the result is more natural. In addition, straightening or curling has a longer hold.

To straighten or curl your hair, you can choose between 9 temperature levels (from 150 to 230°C). They will be displayed on the digital screen.

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