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what is the significance of the red pin worn by the president?

Emmanuel Macron’s red pin: a distinction

The French found it on their screens last Wednesday, April 20, on the occasion of the in-between duel during which the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron faced her rival like a return match, where the two finalists passed the ball to each other as in 2017. Face-to-face, the candidate of the party The Republic on the Move (LREM) wore a particular sign on his jacket suit. A red and gold pins, far from being a simple decoration, that the husband of Brigitte Macron has a habit of wearing in all circumstances. But what is it really?

The Grand Cross rosette, awarded to each President of the Fifth Republic

This familiar pin, worn many times during Emmanuel Macron’s mandate, has sobriety as its key word. It is actually a discreetly profiled insignia, which responds to the name of Grand Cross Rosette. Since the beginnings of the Fifth Republic, it has been customary for each new president who takes office to be awarded the insignia of the Rosette Grand Cross, that is, the highest French distinction of the order of the Legion of Honor which rewards the most deserving citizens in all fields of activity for two centuries. Knight, officer, commander, grand officer and grand cross are the ranks possessed by the latter.

Created on May 19, 1802 by Napoleon Bonaparte, the Legion of Honor is first attributed on July 15, 1804, and is a distinction that only the soldiers and the civilians having ” illustrated in the name of France, in all kinds of disciplines can receive. This is the case of the president active, who during his mandate, became the Grand Master of the National Order of Legion of Honor. A symbol, but also a inestimable source of pride” for anyone who wears it, according to the official website of the Grand Chancellery of the Legion of Honor.

It is during the passing of the torch that the incoming president receives the medal Grand Cross of the National Order of Merit, which rewards the ” distinguished merits, military or civil, rendered to the French nation since the 20th century. An honor awarded to civilians and soldiers, established by General de Gaulle on December 3, 1963. Before Emmanuel Macron, Valéry Giscard d’Estaing, Jacques Chirac, Nicolas Sarkozy but also François Hollande appeared with the Rosette on the left side of their costume .

To distinguish them, the decoration of the Legion of Honor is represented by a red rosette, while that of the National Order of Merit is blue. Sometimes discreet, the Legion of Honor se ‘ wears before any other insignia of French or foreign decoration, on the left side. On business attire, lapel badges (ribbon or rosette) are chosen. Dangling and small-sized decorations are preferred for official ceremonies. The military institution has its own wearing rules. »as this same site attests.

Wearing the Rosette if one has not been decorated is illegal

Available for sale on the site of the Paris currency for ten euros, these red rosettes can tempt more than one and more than one. However, be careful, it is strictly forbidden to wear them if you have not been decorated, since “The illegal wearing of a French or foreign decoration is punishable by the penal code with a penalty of up to one year’s imprisonment and a fine of 15,000 euros”, emphasizes the same site.

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