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What products for painless hair removal?

The right gestures for waxing without pain

Whether you use wax, electric epilator, pulsed laser epilator or other, here are some tips that could reduce the pain felt during epilation.

Prepare your skin

For hair removal to be less painful, the skin must be prepared. First, exfoliate the parts to be depilated the day before to soften the skin and remove the mini bumps and residue that could cause pain. And just before applying the hair removal product or device, take a warm bath. This helps soften the skin and open the pores. It is also best to epilate at night before going to bed to give your skin time to recuperate.

Do not pluck hair that is too long

The longer the hair, the harder it is to pull it out. So, don’t wait too long between two waxing sessions, or at least try to shorten the length of the hairs using clippers or scissors.

The good gestures

When epilating, pull your skin in the opposite direction of epilation to facilitate the passage of the epilator. It also helps to widen the opening of the pores. Then apply pressure with the palm of your hand to relieve the skin as soon as the hair is pulled out. If using wax, pull the skin down when removing the strip upwards.

Apply an ice cube

Just before waxing, pass an ice cube or cold washcloth over the area to be waxed. It’s a great way to anesthetize the skin for a while. However, the cold tends to tighten the pores, therefore the hair will be slightly more difficult to extract. We should therefore proceed quickly.

Now here are the top 5 products on Amazon for painless hair removal.

Our pick: Electric epilator with fully flexible head

L’Braun 9 Flex 9-020 electric epilator brings together all the assets to become your best ally for having perfectly shaved skin for longer. Our ranking head is also the very first epilator for women with a flexible head, which makes using it much more pleasant and effortless. Thanks to its Micro-Grip technology with 40 wider, longer and deeper mini tweezers, the device removes even the shortest hairs that the wax could not pull out. Your skin will stay smooth, not for a few days, but for a few weeks. What will reduce the sensation of pain is the innovative SensoSmart technology. It consists of squeezing the device during use in order to decentralize the pain so that the action of the tweezers is very fast and precise. If you use the epilator underwater, painless hair removal will be even more effective. Indeed, the 9 Flex Braun is completely waterproof. That’s not all, it has a shaving head specially designed to shave the most sensitive areas. In addition to depilating, the device gently massages the body to stimulate blood circulation.

Electric trimmer with high frequency micro-grip tweezers

For effortless and painless hair removal, opt for Braun Silk-épil 9 micro-grip electric epilator. This epilator is also a massage device with a pivoting head that gives it better mobility. These 40 mini tweezers are 40% wider to remove even the shortest hairs in a fraction of a second. We have also selected this product because it is perfectly waterproof with an easy grip, and can therefore be used in the bathtub and in the shower, to be combined with your usual soap or shower gel. Depilation in water is much less painful. The Smartlight function of its handle illuminates the area to be depilated so that the finest hairs are visible. In addition, the Braun Silk-9 is equipped with removable accessories to vary the actions: it shaves, trims, or epilates the hairs according to your desires.

IPL pulsed light epilator for face and body

Laser hair removal or pulsed light seduces because it is a painless method. For successful IPL hair removal, choose the device 999999 Vormor Brand Flashes. We chose this device which uses advanced IPL technology to permanently reduce and interrupt the regeneration cycle of hair growth. That is to say that over the uses, the hairs grow less and less until they never appear again after 8 to 12 weeks. Nearly 90% of the hairs eliminated by pulsed light see their growth gradually decrease. The light emitted by this product is soft and painless. Your skin is safe. Another reason to choose this laser epilator: it incorporates 5 energy levels and 2 different flash modes in order to vary the power according to the areas to be epilated. You can also put it in manual or automatic mode. IPL hair removal is effective on black, dark brown and light brown hair. On the other hand, it is not recommended for blond, red, gray or white hair, because the low amount of melanin does not absorb pulsed light.

5-level pulsed light electric epilator

L’Pulsed light hair remover 999,000 Flashes INNZA not only seeks to remove body hair, but also aims to remove it. With 5 settings and 2 flash modes, it adapts to different skin sensitivities. The automatic mode saves you time on larger areas (legs, back, stomach, etc.) while the manual mode allows you to epilate with more precision in small areas. What impresses us the most with this device is that its laser has a lifespan of 20 to 30 years and is capable of emitting up to 999,000 flashes. This duration is twice as long as most IPL epilators on the market. It reduces over 80% of hair after 8-12 weeks of use. In addition, the device was developed with dermatologists, which attests to its Safe Hair Remover compliance.

Apple-scented hair removal cream for the body

One of the best solutions for those who fear the slightest pain is the Veet Scented Hair Removal Cream that we have selected. This set of 3 tubes of 180 ml each is delicately scented with apple and leaves the skin very soft for at least 7 days. This cream has the advantage of being easy to use, in addition to leaving a moisturizing film on the skin that lasts 24 hours. Safe, the cream has been dermatologically tested and is suitable for all skin types. Here are the 4 steps of its use:

  1. Using the curved part of the spatula provided, spread the cream evenly over the area to be waxed.
  2. Let stand for 5 to 10 minutes maximum.
  3. Remove the cream with the spatula in the opposite direction of hair growth
  4. Rinse your skin thoroughly with water then apply a moisturizer.
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