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What should you know about rhinoplasty?

What is rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is one of the techniques used in cosmetic surgery to correct unsightly complexes. She refers to the nose plastic surgery whose imperfections may have congenital origins, result from trauma or be brought on by age. Rhinoplasty can be performed for purely functional Where aesthetic. Indeed, during a functional rhinoplasty, the specialist straightens the nasal septum which causes breathing difficulties. As part of an aesthetic rhinoplasty, he proceeds to remodel the morphology of the nose at the level of the bony or cartilaginous part. This kind of plastic surgery helps to straighten, narrow or reduce the height of the nose. In some cases, it may be necessary to combine both functional and aesthetic rhinoplasty. In others, this practice is combined with other surgical operations such as chin modification.

Rhinoplasty is accessible to both men and women. However, this type of surgery should only be performed when growth is complete, around the age of 17.

What are the steps to follow to perform a rhinoplasty?

To perform a rhinoplasty, you must go through several essential steps. Before the intervention, you must naturally choose a competent plastic surgeon in the field. Do not hesitate to seek the opinion of several specialists if the planned operation turns out to be quite complex, delicate or precise. If you are based in Paris or Île-de-France, you can visit Doctor Dijan, plastic surgeon in Paris.

Once the surgeon has been chosen, you must proceed to a preoperative consultation during which you will discuss with the surgeon the expectations and the realization of the project. This step consists of a complete analysis of your nose which may include the prescription of a blood test, the taking of medical photographs of the nose and/or digital simulations. After the various examinations, the plastic surgeon will assess the quality of your skin and draw up an estimate. A second preoperative consultation may be necessary to answer the last questions and to set the date of the intervention. the day of operation, the procedure can last between 1h30 and 4h under general anesthesia. The patient remains under hospital observation for one day and one night after the operation. After the operation, a splint is placed on his nose and must be kept for the duration defined by the specialist. Post-operative consultations may take place to remove the splint, check the condition of the nose and treat any post-operative effects.


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