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what sneakers can you wear to a ceremony?

What sneakers for a wedding?

Sneakers for a wedding…and why not? In our ultra-connected and fast-paced society, basketball accompanies us through our hectic days and greatly facilitates our daily lives. Comfortable, stylish, original, there is something for everyone. After all, this shoe that floods our closets (and the street) can be worn in town as well as in the office…and even during major receptions and ceremonies such as weddings. Warning: several tips are to be remembered, if not downright rules, so as not to be mistaken and avoid the wrong road.

  • Wear clean sneakers : sneakers with a suit, the idea is always very nice. The sneakers in question must still be impeccably clean. So consider buying a nice new pair of sneakers that you’ll wear the first time to the wedding, or tossing and toothbrushing your dressiest sneakers from your shoe closet.
  • Avoid sneakers that are too “streetwear” : there are so many types of sneakers that it is sometimes difficult to make a choice, and not to know the difference between style and comfort. For a wedding, wear classic sneakers instead. We avoid soles with shapes that are too flashy, multicolored models or models from hyper sharp collaborations. We favor simplicity and efficiency, quite simply.
  • Give yourself a little twist of originality : if the basketball must be irreproachable in terms of cleanliness, let yourself be tempted by the classic but slightly atypical models. We are thinking here of sneakers with a gingham pattern, very chic during a reception with a beautiful navy dress. There is also the embroidered basketball, to wear with a dress in the same style, or the gold basketball, sparkling under the sun’s rays and festive.

Canvas sneakers with laces, gingham print

Canvas sneakers with laces, gingham print

La Redoute Collections


What kind of sneakers to wear with a suit?

We have to admit it: team a pair of sneakers with a suit or a suit, it’s cool as can be. However, here too, we cannot afford to do just anything. Although a nice beige, navy or khaki suit will generally go with any type and color of sneakers, prefer the white sneakers. First, because they go with everything. Also, because if these are raised thanks to a sole, they make it possible to lengthen your silhouette. In this style, we recommend the very iconic Converse Chuck Taylor All Star (with a slightly more XXL sole than the basics), the Forum sneakers fromAdidas Originals or the grained leather sneakers La Redoute Collections. You will have understood: the more the sneakers are white and clean, the more the look of your costume will be boosted. Because who said sports shoes couldn’t be chic in 2022?

How to be chic with sneakers?

Speaking of chic, we also have some tips for you on wedding attire to wear with sneakers. To stay elegant with sneakers at a wedding, pair them with an outfit that has nothing to do with the sportswear wardrobe: a suit, a three-piece, a suit or a flowing dress. As for shades, if your sneakers are white, choose two color families: classic colors like navy blue and gray, or colors pastel, ultra trendy for many seasons. Don’t forget that the choice of sneakers for a wedding remains a daring fashion choice. In this vein, the choice of clothes remains strategic in order to remain sober while juggling with trends.

What color not to wear to a wedding?

Finally, it doesn’t matter what style of sneakers you want to wear at your best friend’s wedding, since only one piece of advice is really to follow: don’t wear white clothes. White, a symbol of purity, is a color traditionally reserved for the couple getting married. The guests choose all the other colors. If men tend to stay in classic tones like navy blue and khaki, women allow themselves more originality with neon, pastel, fluorescent, even outright glitter. We also avoid black: a sad color, this one is rather reserved for funerals. After all, a wedding is a time in life when you meet people in the summer sun and good humor, so make sure you wear as many cheerful clothes as possible. And who knows, with a little daring, singles could well find a soul mate thanks to their look (if not receiving the bride’s bouquet).

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