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what to do to limit falls after 50 years?

Menopause, fatigue, stress, illness… are all factors who may have impact on your body. The skin and hair are among the most sensitive parts to hormonal changes.

Significant internal changes may result in hair loss that mainly affects women over fifty years old. This is not inevitable and even if genetics has a big influence on this phenomenon, some good habits can also make a difference.

Different types of hair loss

When we age, cell renewal is slower and therefore often has an impact on the quality of our skin and our hair, such as healing wounds. Hair loss can happen in different ways.

We distinguish that which is linked to an emotional shock to that which is progressive and “natural”. The latter should not alarm, however, can be difficult to live with. To limit it, take some good habits now and redouble your attention to your hair.

The first resolution to take may be to turn to a treating shampoo. Experts also recommend doing scalp massages 1 to 3 times a week, just with your hands.

Make small circles by putting a little pressure in the tips of your fingers to take off the roots and stimulate growth from the bulb of the hair. Hair care, hairstyle and food: everything you need to know in our slideshow.

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