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which concealer to choose for a sublime look?

Why do we have dark circles?

It is not enough to sleep 8 hours a night to avoid dark circles. That would be way too easy! They can indeed have different causes such as lack of sleep (obviously) but also stress, hormonal changes or even poor blood circulation.

How to choose the right concealer?

Before rushing headlong to buy the concealer everyone is talking about on Tiktok, there are a few things to know. For example, whatever the cause of these, it is important to know your type of dark circles:

  • You have bluish circles or purplish under the eyes? It’s actually a transparency effect due to the thickness of your skin (the skin of the eyelids being the thinnest on the face). We therefore see the veins in transparency.
  • If you have dark circles tending towards yellow, the brown or brown, these are spots of melanin under the skin, which, like other dark circles, appear on a thin eyelid.

We therefore suggest that you take a look in the mirror and refer to the technique of ” color correcting to neutralize your imperfections. This consists of neutralizing the colors by choosing products with opposite undertones: bluish dark circles will be countered by a concealer with pink, orange or yellow hues, for example. And precisely, the shade of your concealer being essential, know that it is recommended to choose it a half tone (see a tone) below your foundation to sport a luminous eye contour.

What is the most effective concealer?

Yes, we ask ourselves the whole question, but it depends on what we are looking for and how we like to wear makeup. In any case, the product you choose should hide your dark circles, blur your imperfections and illuminate your eyes. Contouring enthusiasts can even use a radiance corrector to mark their points of light (such as the nose, chin, forehead, etc.) and sculpt their face. But what are the different types of concealer available on the market?

  • Care correctors are perfect for those who may have dry skin and therefore makeup that runs into fine lines. Looking for a natural finish? Hide & Peek from Morph 2 will be perfect for nourishing and soothing the skin. But if you like intense coverage, Chantecaille offers a creamy formula from raspberry and hibiscus that will hydrate your eye area while having anti-aging properties. What more ?

Hide & Peek Concealer

Hide & Peek Concealer

Morph 2

18 €

Radiant Creamy Concealer

Radiant Creamy Concealer



Good Apple Concealer

Good Apple Concealer


26,22 €

But if you’re looking for something luminous, the Luminous Silk from Armani and its caffeinated formula will give the illusion of plumped and firm skin. Have your wrinkles been bothering you lately? The Magic Away of Charlotte Tilbury promises a unified and radiant complexion.

How to apply your concealer?

Have you added the corrector of your dreams to your basket? All you have to do is know how to use it well for optimal results. Whatever your skin type, we always start by applying a treatment eye contour (before her day cream) then her foundation and finally her concealer. It is applied with the finger or the brush by tapping to activate the blood circulation. If you use your concealer to hide small imperfections, we suggest that you apply it before your BB cream or foundation and then set with a loose powder. You now master the complexion makeup Perfectly !

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