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Which electric graters to choose to exfoliate your feet?

Everything you need to know about the electric foot rasp

Foot exfoliation is a must-have habit if you want to wear your open shoes in style. For this, there is nothing better than the electric foot rasp. It is a modernized version of pumice stone. It takes care of your feet by getting rid of the callus and softening it. In order to obtain the expected results, you will have to opt for a device of good quality and whose effectiveness is proven. Several criteria must be considered to be sure of your choice:


To pamper your feet whenever and wherever you want, opt for an ergonomic device. In terms of size, it should be neither too big nor too small. Make sure it’s easy to grip and you’ll have no trouble handling it. To better match the shape of your feet and treat the most difficult areas, the upper part of your foot rasp must be curved.

The power

The power of your grater is also a detail that should not be overlooked. Prior to your purchase, first check the number of turns it can achieve in one minute. You must also ensure that it is effective. To do this, take a test. If you have to exert strong pressure to remove dead skin, the device will not be able to ensure complete exfoliation of the feet.


On the power source side, you will have two possibilities:

  • Electric foot rasps powered by AA batteries;
  • Rechargeable electric foot rasps with a USB port.

For more economy, rechargeable models are more interesting.

Sealing and the different options

To be able to use your rasp on wet feet, it is advisable to choose a waterproof model. Some graters also offer different options: several heads, a pedicure kit… The choice will depend on your real needs and your habits.

The Best Electric Foot Rasps on Amazon

To be sure of the effectiveness of your electric foot rasp, choose the right model. Here is our ranking of the best graters to pamper your feet and regain all their beauty:

Our choice: the ergonomic electric grater

This model made by the Velvet brand is our favorite. In just a few steps, you will get rid of your dead skin and the unpleasant sensations caused by hard calluses. Your feet will regain their softness and you will no longer have to worry about their appearance when you walk barefoot on the beach or by the pool. The rollers of this grater are interchangeable. Depending on the areas to be treated, you will have the choice between the extra exfoliating roller, the perfect finish roller, the exfoliating grain roller, the special exfoliating roller… The ergonomic design of this Velvet electric grater and its rounded curves make it pleasant to use. It is perfectly waterproof and resistant. To power it, 4 AA batteries are provided with the pack.

The rechargeable electric grater for men

It’s not just women who need to pamper their feet. One of the reasons why the Own Harmony brand has developed this model of electric grater for men. Designed in plastic and mineral micro-crystals, it is both resistant and practical. This model is one of our favorites because of its advanced pressure technology. This protects against possible cuts and avoids any undesirable sensations in sensitive skin. Power level, it has everything to please. It can perform around 50 revolutions per minute for incomparable results. This electric grater is rechargeable. Its battery can last up to 45 minutes if you use it continuously.

The electric foot rasp with interchangeable rollers

If you are looking for a cheap electric foot rasp, choose this model offered by MYCARBON. Rechargeable via a USB cable, it combines performance and economy. By recharging it continuously for 2 hours, you can use it several times without constraining its power. The rollers of this grater are interchangeable. You can choose the appropriate roughness for soft, smooth and blemish-free feet. It is possible to use this device even in the dark. Indeed, it is equipped with an LED lamp specially designed for this purpose. When you are about to perform a dangerous operation, this grater stops automatically. So you are not likely to end up with cuts and irritations after the exfoliation.

The 2-speed anti-callus foot rasp

If you have cracked and dry feet, this device designed by the Velvet brand is what you need. We particularly like the running surface of this model. Indeed, it is composed of coarse-grained marine minerals. Its two speeds will help you get rid of calluses in just a few strokes. You will quickly regain the softness and radiance of your feet. You won’t even need to exert heavy pressure to see results. This device performs many revolutions per minute. As it is perfectly waterproof, this grater can be used in the bathtub or in the shower. It is powered by a rechargeable battery. Its autonomy is also one of its assets.

The ideal electric foot rasp for damaged feet

This model manufactured by Essy also appears in our top of the best electric graters. It is ideal for feet damaged by the cold. Composed of 3 rollers, it ensures a perfect finish. The first roller is used to erase the fine layers of dead skin. The second roller will help you remove thicker layers. And to get rid of calluses permanently, you can use the third roller. Its roughness ensures a perfect result. What is also pleasant about this grater is its safety technology. It is equipped with a pressure lock mode. When you exert excessive pressure during use, this grater will automatically shut off. In terms of design, it is ergonomic. You can handle it easily. Its shape and size will allow you to take it everywhere.

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